Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Move Along, Nothing to See Here...

No really, there's nothing to see because its been redacted.

So, the Bush administration takes our money and spends it on Wall Street to save the economy. Then they hide the details from us?

Hell, it wasn't like we'd probably read the fine print anyway. Now that they've tried to hide it, I really want to know...

Treasury Blacks Out Key Parts of Private Bailout Contracts
source: the Huffington Post

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Osama & the IRA (your IRA)

They scared us with Osama and we got the Patriot act. Good bye Constitution.
They try to scare us with the Great Depression. Good bye IRA.

Osama and the depression are phantoms. They're as scary as the closet monster. The "they" are the really scary ones. We need to say "no" loudly and then vote "they" out of office.


Protecting Charles Keating from regulators$112,000
Having it come back to haunt you during your Presidential campaignPriceless