Thursday, October 11, 2007

It is officially ok to call that meshugena shiksa a NAZI

My Bird's Flawless Impersonation of Ms. Coulter
(a real picture is too scary and copyrighted)

Ann Coulter says America would be better without all those Jews

First she alleged that Bill Clinton was gay, now she's attacking Jews and fails understand she is being an anti-Semite. Is she off her meds? Maybe Rush can lend her some of his?

urgent: Call Congress and demand that they not shirk their responsibilities. They should end this war, impeach the President and leave Ms. Coulter alone. She is free to be insane after all. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the rest of us can handle the condemnation all on our own.

Monday, October 08, 2007

War with Iran, not so fast...Dick...

Dick Cheney has run up against a few tough adversaries (who must hate America). Bob Gates (Sec. of State) and Mike McConnell (national director of intelligence). They are working to contain Cheney's office and stop its relentless drum beating.

Times Article: The man who stands between the US and the Next War

Back in the 1950s there were a bunch of neo-isolationist Republican Senators working against President Eisenhower's policies. Minority leader, Lyndon Johnson, got the Democrats to side with the President against the Congressional Republicans and in 2 years Johnson was Majority leader with neo-isolationism on the run. What if we try this again? What if the Democrats side with Gates & McConnell against the Cheney's insanity? Can we prevent the coming war with Iran?

I have suggested this to my guys in the House and Senate and Joe Biden's office (I figure he'd be into this kind of strategy).

Senate Contact
House Contact

GWOT - Can you fight a war against a tactic?

To have a war against terrorism is to fight a vague class of enemies never knowing if we are winning or when it will end. Terrorism, the use of violence against a population to create fear and forward a political agenda, is a tactic not an ideology or a specific group of people. A war on terror is like seeking a Hammerist to fix a leaky sink. Plumbers, carpenters and electricians all subscribe to Hammerism (they use hammers) but only one group is the right one for the job.

When we have a policy against the terrorists, which ones are we talking about? What impact can a policy have with a poorly defined problem and a vague goal? How do we know if it is working and how do we tell when our mission has been accomplished? This is not semantics it is a sign of confusion or duplicity on the part of our policy makers. Perhaps they are using the threat of violence to scare us into accepting their agenda. That sounds a little like terrorism to me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Surveillance from Below

There is a new channel called Copwatcher's on youtube. Citizens are monitoring the police and uploading their videos. Those who fail to enforce the law properly will be held to account and is a step in the right direction. Let's all help the police by reminding them that all citizens are armed with cameras.

I got my camera phone at the ready, do you have yours?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hillary's Comments Were Preposterous

To equate Vice President Cheney with Darth Vader is absolutely wrong headed and merely confuses the issue. Cheney is clearly the Emperor. Vader was a tragic figure who eventually rejected the dark side of the force. The Emperor is evil through and through sitting behind the scenes and manipulating events to his purposes. That sounds much more like the Vice President's style.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Habeas Where Are You....

Rule of law matters, it is what keeps us safe during the easy and the difficult times. When we push those messy rights and democratic practices aside we regret it later. Let's stop regretting and start acting.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rudy, Why Do you Hate Rescue Workers?

He can't win, but while he loses he is pissing us all off.

Friday, August 31, 2007

9/11 Changed Everything?

I hear this "9/11 changed everything" phrase a lot. We had to take of the gloves, get tough, be willing to have less freedoms. This is a specious argument (a.k.a its crap). Our nation and our Constitution wasn't created by a bunch of ivy tower wimps, it was created by men who had been through the bloodiest and most dangerous period our nation has ever seen. They knew all to well that for our nation to survive we needed those freedoms and those rules.

Our nation was founded in a conflict much nastier than any we have fought since. The Civil war is called the worst American conflict, the one that set brother against brother. The revolutionary war seems worse because while the Civil war was fought between two large sections of the nation, the revolutionary war was fought from house to house with sides changing from neighbor to neighbor. The battle lines must have looked like a topographic map. It must have been the most dangerous period of we have every been through.

Out of the this conflict came men like Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson, Mason, Franklin and Washington. They didn't build our political system on a whim. They knew all to well why we needed the separation of powers, habus corpos, the bill of rights, the separation of church and state and the rule of law.

Has any modern leader had even a taste of the kind of difficulties that our founders experienced? When our current leaders tell us to get real and start talking about omelets and the breaking of eggs we should tell them to just do their damn jobs with the powers that we the people gave them. They do not need any more powers or authority. To claim so is a either an admission of incompetence or a lie.

Executive Privilege

Sunday, April 01, 2007

War On Drugs

Drugs are bad, our leaders have told us so. Ok, drugs are bad, but so is the war on drugs. Every time we have a war on something we seem to lose and our treasury gets emptied as well. War on Poverty, poverty is still here. War on Drugs, drug use is up. War on Terror, that ole Bin Laden is still out there.

Getting our war on is a big scam and its time we put aside these grand campaigns for simple pragmatic measures that have measurable effects. If the data shows they work, we continue, if not we change course.

Penn & Teller on The War on Drugs

Asylum Street Spankers - We're Winning the War on Drugs