Friday, April 15, 2005

Top 10 Reasons Why Michael Bolton Would Make a Better Ambassador to the UN

  1. Doesn't have a silly mustache
  2. Never Claimed the that UN doesn't exist
  3. Is much more "fabulicious"
  4. likes to collaborate with others, while John is advocates a go-it-alone foreign policy.
  5. Never referred to by Jessie Helms as "the kind of man with whom I would want to stand at Armageddon"
  6. Sold 52 million albums and singles worldwide (more global appeal than Johnny)
  7. Kenny G will be made Secretary General, sax solos for Peace.
  8. awarded the Martin Luther King Award by the Congress of Racial Equality.
  9. Never accused of bullying analysts in an attempt to obtain "intelligence" of Cuba's biological weapons program.*
  10. Will be so busy with diplomacy that he will not have time to produce more music.


Something To Think About said...

Hey its me again margaret..I linked to yer page..and if you would like to learn how to add links to your page just shoot me a line..i'll tell you the code to enter and where to put's all about accessing the template in HTML...anyway..I think Michael Bolton would make a helluva ambassador...I does sooth the savage beast!!!!!!

Le Garcon. said...

Definitely some valid points here. I'd love to see Michael Bolton in there, so long as #10 is strictly enforced.