Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Operation Close Wal-Mart:

Wal-Mart is a massive store that is changing America.

Communities have been largely unsuccessful at stopping Wal-Mart in the courts. The problem was that they choice to fight against corporate giant. Why not have Wal-Mart fight itself? Wal-Mart fears unions so much that when a union was close to being formed in its store in conquer, Quebec the corporate giant closed the store. Wal-Mart claims that the closure had to do with the economics of the store and not the union vote. Could Wal-Mart executives be lying? Lets conduct and experiment to find out.


Wal-Mart is a big piece of antibiotic laden low priced poultry when it comes to unions.

  1. Apply for a position at Wal-Mart
  2. Get a spiffy smock
  3. Agitate your co-workers and try to start a union

If you get close to a union vote and Wal-Mart closes the store, the hypothesis is valid. You will have succeeded in chasing Wal-Mart away from your community. If you get fired, the hypothesis might still be valid and now you can sue.

Let's make that little yellow smiley face run away to somewhere else....

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