Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tired of Grabbing Ankle for George W. Bush

What follows is an open letter that I sent to my elected officials.... Perhaps you might want to contact yours and send them a similar message?

Senate: 202-224-3121
House: 202-224-3121

Dear Elected Official,

The budget continues to be a sweepstakes for the top %1 while the rest of us get screwed. We are cutting monies for research and development that could fill the pipe and create whole new industries or lead us toward energy independences so an CEO can have a HUMMER. It was better when the President was getting one of those and our fiscal policy wasn't so insane. The NEO cons must be stopped before they destroy our middle class and then our democracy. We don't live in a stratified society like Brazil yet, let's keep it that way.

I ask you to stand up and say no. I ask you to stand in front of the tank just like man outside of Tianamen Square. If you do, I'll be there beside you, and so will many other Americans. We do not want two Americas. We want a land of freedom and opportunity. Let us being to roll back the insanity and stupidity of the past five years.

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Le Garcon. said...

Good for you. Long time, little convo. Hope everything is well!