Monday, May 15, 2006

The Real cost of global climate change

My mom lives in Florida and I love her very much, but I'm kind of OK having my own place. If global warming raises the sea level by 14 meters, her home will underwater and she'll be moving in with me.

Please, let's stop global warming or I'll be in for much nagging, many broken appliances and therapy. For those of you who have relatives who retired in Arizona, take pitty on the costally screwed of our nation, and don't forget that this phrase may be your future too:
"get a hair cut, stop dressing like a schlub and make sure you wear a jacket!"

Fossils fuels are good and bad. Their consumption produces green house gases and particulate matter that is thrown up into the atmosphere. This means that we have global dimming that masks the effects of global warming (in short, if we fix the pollution problem without fixing the carbon dioxide emissions problem we are in a world of trouble).

So, beware or uncle Fred will be moving in with you...

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