Monday, October 08, 2007

War with Iran, not so fast...Dick...

Dick Cheney has run up against a few tough adversaries (who must hate America). Bob Gates (Sec. of State) and Mike McConnell (national director of intelligence). They are working to contain Cheney's office and stop its relentless drum beating.

Times Article: The man who stands between the US and the Next War

Back in the 1950s there were a bunch of neo-isolationist Republican Senators working against President Eisenhower's policies. Minority leader, Lyndon Johnson, got the Democrats to side with the President against the Congressional Republicans and in 2 years Johnson was Majority leader with neo-isolationism on the run. What if we try this again? What if the Democrats side with Gates & McConnell against the Cheney's insanity? Can we prevent the coming war with Iran?

I have suggested this to my guys in the House and Senate and Joe Biden's office (I figure he'd be into this kind of strategy).

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