Monday, May 26, 2008

BPSOD is a Serious condition that you should discuss with your doctor

If you have any of the following symptoms you may be suffering a serious condition known as BPSOD:
1. Your medications don't treat your symptoms
2. You have experienced life threatening side effects after taking medication which the FDA deemed "safe."
3. No medical options for your condition (it isn't profitable to treat).
4. You repeatedly hear voices telling you that about a new syndrome that you must discuss with your doctor.
5. You want that little purple pill regardless of what it does.
6. You have recently changed medications and the new one is the same as the old except for the price.
7. You discovered that your regulatory agency is really working for the drug makers and is pressured to ignore safety concerns.

BPSOD, or Big Pharma Screwed-Over Disiorder, is a serious condition which you should discuss with your Doctor, your regulator and anyone else who will listen.

Our drugs are not as safe as we'd like to think they are. Back in 1992, to speed drugs through the regulatory process, the FDA started sharing the financial burden of drug approval with the drug companies. Big Pharma paying the FDA to review the drugs sets up an economic incentive to release drugs regardless of whether they address the medical condition they claim to treat or are dangerous. We need to take back our health care system because it could literally be killing us.

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Don't Spy on My Backyard

House Minority Leader John Boehner is ok with spying as long as no one is spying on him. Boehner has worked to quash our right to hold the telcos accountable for their illegal spying on us. When someone spied on Mr. Boehner he sued and got more than $1 million in damages. Let's send this him packing in November.

see: Boehner Wants Protection From Illegal Wiretapping - But Only For Himself

Saturday, May 10, 2008

General Confusion: Lying our way into war

Remember all those talking heads on the news? There were Generals and Colonels telling us how the President's plan was a good idea and was working. Alas, they weren't necessarily telling the truth or had just come from a koolaid drinking session.

Most of these guys worked for defense contractors and were threatened, cajoled, bribed or fooled into being media-force-multipliers. Foot soldiers in the Bush-Cheney Propaganda army, they misrepresented the facts and helped skew public opinion. Big media either knew or was just incompetent (either is plausible) and we got lied to.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

We Cannot Allow a Fear Gap!!!

Once again the government is not managing renewable resources effectively.  By overusing the terrorists and needlessly hyping the bird flu the American people have ceased to be afraid.   We cannot allow a fear gap.  I'm sure that Dick Cheney is working hard to find something new for us to fear.    Thank god that  in the mean time the Air Force is out in front making stuff up to scare us and not letting the truth get in the way.