Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Yes to solutions over ideology or interpretive dance dance demonstrating democratic principles

The occupy movement brought a lot of people together and we need to build on that before it fades. Face painting, interpretive dance and puppets might make up a fun political ren faire but they don't too much to change the situation. If OCS is more than political masterbation we need concrete results.

If we organize focusing on a single issue we can get something done, but which issue? Let's follow the compelling arguments and pragmatic next steps of the coffee party white paper and Lawrence Lessig's "Republic Lost."

Money talks and money twists. It pulled the elected officials out of our orbit so they serve funders spending 30% of their time prospecting for cash and much of the rest ensuring its flow. For example, while our economy smokes, our soldiers fight multiple wars and our infrastructure crumbles Congress places negotiating the spoils of fees between retailers and credit card companies at the tops list. How does this serve us and where is our advocate?

Restoring Congressional dependence on voters ensures that the right and the left's concerns will be heard. It enables us to debate issues and come to solutions instead of more corporate giveaways.
  • Check out the White Paper
  • Check out the Coffee Party
  • Support Finance reform locally, at the state level and nationally
  • Organize with your neighbors
Remember, the money provides access to us. If we organize we can reach out and touch our leaders dragging them along with us toward better policies.

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