Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fake News, I want a damn label

Want to see propaganda displayed in the news? It’s easy to find WPGH does it.

I think that the FCC should get off of its ass and do something about this problem. If the alleged news segment I'm watching was produced by an organization with an axe to grind (say the federal government) I want a banner on the bottom and the top of the screen.

We label cigarettes even though we all know they cause cancer. We label hot cups of coffee, bags of marbles and probably have signs up warning us not to run with scissors. If we label the obvious stuff, why not label the things that aren't.

I want a label because I want to know two things: a) that my local station finds it too difficult to produce the news, b) who it is that is telling me that an ipod will lead to my child’s slow decline into a life of dirty movies and poor morals. If my local station finds news just too hard, then we should lighten its load by pulling its spectrum license and giving it to someone who will perform this task. It’s our bandwidth and if broadcasters want to use it to make money, they can provide a community service.

Side note: if an ipod help my kid get access to porn, how did the porn get on to the ipod, by magic? No, the little devil downloaded it on my computer first. All an ipod would do is to enable the child to consume it alone (and I'm ok not walking in on that consumption thank you very much).

So, if you are annoyed by this, put down the ipod, place both hands on the keyboard and take action via the free press organization's action center

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