Thursday, August 24, 2006

Get into the Driver Seat of your Life

  • How is your life?
  • Do you use your history or is it using you?

Men and women are meeting to discuss how to get in control of the one thing we can, ourselves. If you are interested you can checkout these web sites or visit our group. We are having an open circle to introduce folks to the work we do.

If you are interested please RSVP so we know how many chairs to setup.

Web Resources:

Time: Wednesday Sept 27 2006, 7pm-10pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of Grafton
3 Grafton Common, Grafton MA 01606

Take the Mass Pike to exit 11 (Millbury).
After the tolls, turn right onto rte 122 S.
Follow 122 S past Stop and Shop.
You will come to a light where 122 veers off to the
right. Here you want to go straight through the light
- you will be on rte 140 S now. Go up the hill - you
are now on Grafton Common - you want to turn left
here and find a place to park. The church is right
there. (There are two churches on the common - the UU
church is to the right of a small place called Cafe on
the Common. The other church doesn't have any other
buildings next to it)

If you are interested please RSVP with me at 508-958-2996.

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