Thursday, August 10, 2006

A More Inconvenient Truth

We feel that we must get this post out prior to the Wall Street Journal's exposure of the blog. Yes, it is true, this blog is written by the staff of a public relations firm on hire by the Christian Corporate Coalition for Family Values and Against Bad Things (CCFVABT, pronounce like it looks).

We, the members of the staff (from Frank who ran the focus groups to Mary who performed the market research and Bob our prooof reader) feel that it doesn't matter if that the blog didn't come from an actual disgruntled individual who has poor English skills. Its the message that counts.

We also support our friends in the DCI group who made the Al Gore spoof and hope that they are hiring. At the very least, take a look a Bob's resume, he's realy good.

One Good move on the Exxon DCI Fake UTube Video

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