Thursday, June 05, 2008

Shocking: The Telcos that Spied on us got juicy contracts

Qwest refused the NSA when asked to be an accomplice to illegal spying. Qwest was investigated for a variety of questionable practices. The other telcos sold us out to the NSA and they got billions in nice juicy contracts. Shocking, but not surprising.

The Bush administration is using government like a weapon and a bribe. Let's take the weapon out of the President's hands before he puts an eye out. Let's start down the road to impeachment for both the President and the Vice President.

We are a nation of for and by the people. We are not a nation of special interests and oligarchs being bullied and bullying to get their way at the public's expense. If the government cannot see this then we need to send them packing or to jail.

EFF article: Spying Telecoms Receive Billions in Government Contracts

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